Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another sunday

Hey guys!
How has your weekend been? Mine has been good, started friday by following my mother to the tattoo shop, then I fixed a bit on her car while she was getting a tattoo. I went to see my best friend for a bit and her adorable cat (on the picture below) isn't he the cutest little monster ever?? :D got a call in the middle of the night from a drunk friend that needed a ride home too, but that was fun!
On saturday my boyfriends sister came over to get her makeup and nails done for the festival House of Metal that was happening in town, so we did dark nails, dark makeup and I lend her some of my accessories too ^-^ I hope she had fun! In the evening we were hanging out with some friends, just chilling!
Today we were supposed to have dinner guests but that fell through so I simply made pancakes,  I've been craving it for days! haha
Oh well, that was a little bit about my weekend. Until we meet again,  BYE PEEPS!

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