Thursday, March 13, 2014

E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow swatches/review

A friend and I ordered some stuff from e.l.f. a while back (they had a huge sale and free shipping so woho!)
I went to pick up the package the other day so now I thought that I would actually swatch these eyeshadows for you! haha that's something I've never done before, but I really like when other people do it so I might as well start myself! (I noticed now while copying the link for above that they actually have these eyeshadows on sale right now, if any of you guys want to check it out)

First off, the numbers are to show what I used as a base for these swatches, since I like to see the difference.
1 = NYX Jumbo Pencil Milk
2 = NYX Jumbo Pencil Black Bean
3 = No primer or base

It was hard to give justice to the pigments with my camera, but I did try my best.

Natural (1) is not as "see through" as it looks like, but with the milk pencil it kind of gave it sort of a pink tone, which can be quite nice, like a nude pink. On the other hand with the black bean it got a pretty bronze color that I really liked! One thing about this color though is that on the website it showed as a matte shadow with no shimmer at all, but as you can see it has just as much shimmer as the rest of them. It's fine by me, I liked it anyways!

Angelic with the milk base gave it a really lovely white shimmering look, perfect for the inner corner of my eyes and such, or if I just want a shimmering white eyeshadow! With the black bean it turned quite dark silver, but I imagined it would cause of the black base. Still a lovely color and good pigments! The one without base doesn't actually show off much, in some angles you can't even see it's there, so it's just like a little shimmer boost I guess, could be cool to try on top of other colors to add shimmer!

Smoldering is just lovely, I love the dark almost metallic shimmering grey! With the milk it made a lighter metallic grey and with the black bean a darker one, perfect for a light/dark smokey eye with only one shadow! It didn't show off too much without base, but that's fine by me, I usually use base when I want vibrant colors.

Golden, I was pleased with this color, it has good pigment and I think it looks super good with the black bean, it gives it the sort of dark golden I was looking for. I personally don't really like it with the milk since I think it gets to light, but I've never actually used golden colors before so maybe I'll change my mind later on! Without the base it's still fairly pigmented, gives a nice shimmer of gold, maybe for a more natural makeup where you just want the gold to "hint" so to say.
On the website this color looks completely different on the two pictures where it's in the package, but I think the swatch they have gives a more fair color to it.

Over all, I'm very pleased with these shadows. I like the pigments, but if you want them to be vibrant you'll want to use a base. They are really cheap so I thinks it's a good deal!
Now I need to stop before this wall of text gets any longer.. haha. But I hope you guys enjoyed this swatch/review, I can't wait to actually do a makeup with them and see what they're like!
And for the record, I did not get paid or anything to do this review (or mention the sale), my opinions on these eyeshadows are 100% honest and I just wanted to share them with you!

(I am not sponsored to do this review)


  1. Thanks for the great tip, I'm gonna check it out! :-)