Friday, June 27, 2014

Baking and stuff

Hey guys!

Today I went to the city with my best friend, I had to pick up some meds and we did some grocery shopping and just hung out. After we were done we went to her place and made nutella buns! SO DELICIOUS

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Focus all the crap away

Today has been shitty so I've been trying to focus on stuff like drawing and such.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey guys! Marcus and I was babysitting his sisters kids, they are so adorable ♥
First off they were thrilled that I had so many disney movies and such, on VCR (VHS in swedish) I swear they probably watched 10 movies while they were here.. haha
Day one we made waffles, went to a playground and obviously watched movies. The day after we went for a picnic to another playground and they had so much fun ^-^ we were out for a few hours so when we came back we just ordered pizza and played wii until it was time to take them home to their grandma :) 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Girls night!

Tonight two friends are coming over for girls night, we'll buy ice cream and watch chick flicks..haha
Sometimes you just need a girls night ♥

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indecisive about my hair

My hair feels so fucking boring right now.. it's just black and boring, and it's even more boring since my outgrowth is getting long and it just looks disgusting. I would really like to bleach it, either go white or try out popping and bright colors. The only color I've ever had was red, and yeah I liked it but I would like to try something new! I'm gonna let it grow through the summer (even though it looks like shiiiit with outgrowth) and the see if I still feel like it this fall. It feels easier to just stay with black but at the same time I want change. 

(All these pictures are of the wonderful Angelica Sehlin, she's one of my biggest inspirations and role models!)


Yesterday was midsummer here in Sweden, so as usual we went to my brother for barbecue and drinks. I had my first drinks in what feels like forever, but it was nice. My best friends sister got her license a few days ago so she were our driver! haha

My brother got a pool table last week too so did some playing. I won two games I think and then I got my ass kicked x) But it was still fun! At 01.30 we decided to spontaneously take a roadtrip to Stockholm. It sounded like the best idea ever but we came to our senses and stayed up here. But we did plan to go down soon, want to visit our friend Stoffmaestro! ^-^

I hope all of you had a great night last night, whether you were celebrating midsummer or not ♥