Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The frustrations of a makeupaddict in Sweden

For those of you who know me you know that my biggest interest is makeup, I just love playing around with it, try new stuff and techniques and so on.
I can spend hours looking at videos on youtube for different beauty tips and someday I would like to work with makeup.

So... one of my biggest frustrations is that so many products that I want and that I'm dying to try are not available in Europe, and most of the time where I find them they don't ship to Europe/Sweden. If I could I would just pack up and move to the US, or maybe Canada (to keep Marcus happy)

I really hope that I someday at least can go on vacation there and if I do I hope I've saved up A LOT of money so I can buy everything I want! And yes, my purchases would most likely be at least 90% makeup.

Anyways, I just felt like getting this off my chest and share my frustration with you guys. I hope you're all well and having a wonderful summer!
Until next time, seeya ♥

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