Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas shopping, dentist and cleaning.

Hello! I slept like shit tonight, and had to get up early for the dentist.. NOT FUN. After I was done I went to work to leave my time sheet so I get some money next month, whoop whoop.

Yesterday was my last lecture, it was an interesting one and I'm glad I went to these lectures. I have learned so so much and it helps me to understand this and how I can do to make it better/easier for myself.

I also went christmas shopping..HE HE. Went a little bit crazy but it's worth it. I like giving gifts. I got one for Marcus that he'll get later today when he gets home, I think he'll need it earlier than christmas so. I have two others that he'll get on christmas though so that's cool!

Now I'm going to clean the apartment, it looks like shit here..haha.

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