Monday, June 20, 2016

Jävla smartskaft

I'm so fucking mad at myself right now.. I managed to lock myself out of my phone.

I decided to try one of those screen locks with a pattern, literally 30 seconds later I try to unlock my phone and have forgotten it completely. I've tried so many different patterns, but after a few the phone starts to "lock down" so you have to wait so and so many minutes until your next try and it doubles for every wrong attempt, so now it's one hour until I can try again.

I've been googling like crazy but nothing works cause I have a "too new android version"... Find my phone and such aren't up to date with it and all other fixes I've found only works up to 4.2 and I have 6.0.1. Just great..

I've decided to wait and try one more time but then I'll have to factory reset it. I can't save my files either since the phone shows as empty on my computer since it's locked. Wonderful.

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