Thursday, June 30, 2016


We left for Örträsk at 3 I think to go have dinner and such with our friends Stefan and Liza, they were in her cabin and I was honestly wondering if we were on the right way when we drove across a field..haha
They were heating up the outdoors hot tub, we sat and talked a lot, it was the first time we met Liza so it was fun to get to know her a little before the wedding. When the barbecue was done and we got in to eat she had made homemade tsatsiki, it was delicious!
After dinner they all went in the hot tub and I talked on the phone for a bit before we left to go to my brothers.

Once we got there they were drinking watching Ducktales! haha. I opened my first drink and sat down, we switched to Quack Pack after a little while before we headed to the basement for some pool and music.
Several hours later baby and I walked over to my parents to sleep and I slept all day, I felt like crap which wasn't really fair since I first of all rarely get hungover and second I had two breezers, a beer and a whisky..haha. Well well.
Overall it was really fun, I had a great time!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera and the only pictures I took was through snapchat but here's two of me and my brother anyway!

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