Thursday, March 1, 2018


I've come to realize that I'm a person with a limited amount of energy, especially lately, and trying to adjust to it has not been easy, it still isn't. I constantly have to check myself, how much energy do I have? How much energy will this task drain/give? etc etc. I know that if I run out I'll feel like crap, not only that day but next day too, and I'll wake up with less energy cause I spent it the day before. It's a vicious cycle and I used to be an expert at borrowing from my reserve, until I realized that I was running like a car on fumes, after a while everything drains a ton and nothing gives more than a tiny bit.

Let's do some examples..
Meeting people drains a lot, even if it's people I know and love, but it also gives a little bit.
Being in crowded places and around a lot of new people drains a ton, and rarely gives anything at all.
Reading, drawing and watching movies/series gives a bit.
Playing games with or without friends both drains and gives, it usually gives a little bit more than it drains but roughly the same amount.
Trying to open up and talk when I don't want to drains. 
Being around animals gives. 

Some days I drain faster than others, I'm trying to get better at identifying those days so that I can take better care of myself. It's hard, but I'm trying.

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